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Spellcraft Issue 9 | Winter 2008

Magickal Beasts &

Natural Connections

The Wild and Wondrous - Vali Myers and her foxy familiar
Janet Farrar and the witch's cat, or is it the cat's witch?
Michelle Bellanger - interview with an energy vampire.
Pendulum Power with Mitchell Coombes
Christ and the Craft with Oberon Zell-Ravenheart
Connect with your animal familiars with Stacey Demarco
Meet the Dragonfae and Discover Egyptian Cat Magick

Arts of the Craft: Asatru and the Elder Folk Way
On Your Broomstick: Stepping out with Ostarian Grove
Around the Cauldron: Peter Brabyn on the Eclectic Path
Goddess Rising: South African Goddess Conference

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