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Hollie B takes Spellosophy in the Magick Garden.
Spellcraft Issue 18 | SPRING 2010

Green Witch

And the Magick Garden.

Encounters with the Green Fairy

Druids of Oz
Branching Out Down Under

The Sacred Grove with Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
Walk in the Unicorn's Garden
Blackfella Magick for a Green World.
Sacred Scents in the Gardens of Ancient Egypt

Lucy Cavendish Loves the Wild Green World!

Special Report: Modern Witch Hunts

Spring Sensations with Roxanne Bodsworth.

Interview with a Vampire - PART TWO
Lizzy Rose's Dark Dialogue With Kriss Poison

Celebrating Goddess: Reclaiming Goddess.
Ritual Tools: Garden Altar.
Tarot Magick: A Seed, A Spell a Tarot Card.
Around the Cauldron: The English Ale.
On Your Broomstick: French Enchantment.

COVER ART - Lord of the Woods
by Neil Geddes-Ward


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