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Spellcraft Issue 16 | AUTUMN 2010

Tarot and Oracles

Explore the Connection between witchery and fortune.

Ciro Marchetti: The Future of Fortune and Fantasy
Waking the Gods. Trance Prophesy with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone
High Priestess: An Archetypal Journey
Cosmological Magick - Susan Pesznecker.
Drawing the Moon with Elizabeth Kyle.
Autumn Leaves with Roxanne Bodsworth.

Sensual Divination, Gypsy Catomancy, The Hoodoo You Do.
Elemental Tarot, The Laying on of Cards

Celebrating Goddess: Max Dashu, Snake Symbol, Empress Healing.

Ritual Tools: The Altar Cloth.
Tarot Magick: Crafty Cards.
Around the Cauldron: Parliament of Religions.
On Your Broomstick: Laura Daligan's London.

COVER ART - Queen of Wands
From The Legacy of the Divine
by Ciro Marchetti. View more of this sensational deck at www.ciromarchetti.com

Within Australia
$8.50 includes p&h

International Orders
$8.50 plus $5.80 p&h

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