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Spellcraft Issue 15 | SUMM ER 2010

Feast and Festival

With our annual Goddess Spectacular.

Invitations of Magick - Susan Pesznecker.
Christopher Penczak - Modern Witch.
Caroline Tully: From the Hearth of Rome.
Discover your Summer with Roxanne Bodsworth.
Have a Festival Fling with Stacey Demarco.

Ritual Dining, Meaningful Offerings, Cauldron Cookery.

Celebrating Goddess: Max Dashu, Kathy Jones, GAIA.

Ritual Tools: The Chalice.
Tarot Magick: Cards for All Seasons.
Around the Cauldron: Gothic Circus.
On Your Broomstick: Explore Alice's Real Life Wonderland.

COVER ART - Stilt-Walker Performer at Rainbow Festival 2009
by Webgrrl. View more of her festival artwork at www.webgrrl.biz

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