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Spellcraft Issue 14 | SPRING 2009

The Creative Craft

With Guest Editor Lucy Cavendish.

The Healing Arts - Elizabeth Kyle, Selina Fenech and Leonie Allen.
Wands in the Willows.
Transforming Mundane into Magickal.
The Power of the Word with Serene Conneeley.
Discvoer OZ Pagan Rock with Spiral Dance.
The Path of the Bard.
21st Century Creation.

Celebrating Goddess: Up close and personal with Persephone.

Ritual Tools: WAND-erful Ghost Gums.
Tarot Magick: Art on the Cards.
Around the Cauldron: The Call of the Horned God.
On Your Broomstick: Gong On with Laura Dalligan.

COVER ART - The Faerie Madonna by Paul Rucker
View more of his artwork at www.paulruckerart.com

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